Trout Machinery

We are excited to announce our retirement. We have sold almost everything now and "plowing the short rows" as they say. In these past couple of decades we have made great friends with some of the best customers any business could ask for. That is the part we will miss most is hearing from those folks. Take care of you and yours and look forward to touching base with as many of you as we can in the future. So that means we have transitioned from an active daily business to a part time (can’t get used to the idea of fully retired) operation. Like I said we still have parts and items still and are actively working on selling those. Please call if you have any questions or any interest.


Rick and Tanna


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Our Inventory

When price shopping, it is important to understand that we recondition each unit before it is resold. These units go through our service center and we repair everything we find that would result in downtime when the unit arrives on your job.